The Walpen Organ

Despite significant alterations over the years, there is no other instrument by the Swiss organ builder Thomas Sylvester Walpen (1802-1857) in which the original substance is more intact than in this organ. The pipes are mainly original as well as the facade. The original windchests are also almost unchanged. It was also possible to define the original position of the console and the pipes. Old bellows plates were discovered and the position of the mechanical systems.

With the construction of the Echowerk, the Walpen Organ was also incorporated into the digital network with the other instruments.

Thomas Sylvester Walpen (1802-1857)

The builder of this organ was born into an organ-building family from the Valais. Together with other organ-building families they formed a true organ dynasty which built organs throughout the whole of Switzerland during the 17th to 19th centuries.