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The diversity of the "Hof organ" and performers can be witnessed in this selection of videos, TV and radio recordings.

The Hof organ in TV und Radio

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H. Balfour Gardiners (1877-1950)

Evening Hymn

from the Choir Night of 23 September 2017 with 500 singers from all participating choirs

A selection of CDs from Wolfgang Sieber

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sieberspace V
sieberspace V

Wolfgang Sieber, Organ

Works by Gershwin, Bach, Gulda, Dupré and Sieber


Gabriel Sieber, Lukas Christinat,

Horn, Alphorn

Wolfgang Sieber, Organ

Works by Franz Lachner and WolfgangSieber

Mer juzge dir zue
Mer Juzge Dir Zue

Innerschweizer Volksmusik III

Mass in Lucerne dialect fuor Jodel Trio und Orgel

Text: Johannes Amrein

Music: Wolfgang Sieber

Wolfgang Sieber , Organ

Äschlismatter Jodlerterzett: Annalies Studer-Stadelmann, Bernadette Roos- Stadelmann, Franz-Markus Stadelmann

Dancing on a bridge
Dancing On A Bridge

Yang Jing, Pipa

Wolfgang Sieber, Orgel

Moonlight over Spring River, Det obe off em Bergli, I han es Zündhölzli azündt, Dr Eskimo, As the old Town, The Flying Flower, Silent Refections Over Lake Lucerne