LZ 28.10.15

The Echowerk

Article by Urs Mattenberger in the Luzerner Zeitung , 28. 10. 2015

The restored Hof Organ

The accoustic surround-sound cinema is perfect

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The Echowerk

Surround-Sound as a fine art

In order to reach the full potential of the most stylistically versatile instrument in Switzerland, original pipes (1651/1862) which had been removed during the extensive modification of the Hof Organ in 1972-1977 were restored by Orgelbau Kuhn AG reinstated as part of the organ landscape of the Hofkirche.

For the gallery of the inauguration of the Echowerk click here


Vom Renaissance-Prospekt zum Glaskubus"

"Organ pipes - cowbells - people"

from Renaissance facade to glass cuboid"

A film by Walter Landolt and Jela Hasler about the birth of the Echowerk

With English subtitles