The Organ Summer in the Hofkirche

The Organ Summer has taken place since 1993 with weekly concerts from July to September given by the titular organist of the Hofkirche as well as other musicians. Summer 2021 will be the last season under the direction of the current organist of the Collegiate Church of Leodegar, Wolfgang Sieber. His position will be taken over by the new organist, Stéphane Mottoul in autumn 2021.

Organ Summer 2021 – Favourites

13 July – 25 September 2021

All streams of the evening organ recitals are here

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Opening concert with

Wolfgang Sieber

Joe Bienz, Introduction

Toccata in D minor BWV 565 Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750


Air from Overture D major BWV 1068,


Sinfonia Vorspiel aus der Kantate zum Ratswechsel Nr. 29, BWV 1006,

arr. Theo Wegmann Zürich/Maur


Choral N°3 in A Minor (1890) César Franck 1822-1890


Libero – (2021, UA) Fantasie übe r"Muss i denn, muss i denn zum Städtele ‘naus" Wolfgang Sieber *1954

Saturday, 17 July 2021

Andrea Bischoff, Oboe and Cor anglais Wolfgang Sieber, Organ

CD-Vernissage ANGELIS

Hans-Ueli Steinemann, Laudatio

From Tombeau de Couperin (1917)

Maurice Ravel 1875-1937






From the five songs based on poems by Friedrich Rückert

Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen (1901)Gustav Mahler 1860-1911

Ave Maria (Tanti anni prima) Astor Piazzolla 1921-1992

Libertango (1973)

Ondreo (2021) Wolfgang Sieber *1954

All organ arrangements: Wolfgang Sieber

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Yannick Merlin and Béatrice Piertôt, Paris


Looped Dances Jean-Charles Gandrille *1982


from Symphony No. 2 op. 52 "Lobgesang" (1840) Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy 1809-1847

Allegretto un poco agitato

Arr. Yannick Merlin


Fantasy in F minor KV 608 (1790/91) for two organists

Wolfgang Amadé Mozart 1756-1791





from Symphony No. 4 in E minor op. 98 Johannes Brahms 1833-1897

Allegro energico e passionato (4. Satz)

Arr. Yannick Merlin


Danse macabre op. 40 (1872) Camille Saint-Saëns 1835-1921

Arr. Béatrice Piertôt and Yannick Merlin


L'orgue, c'est moi! (2019) Wolfgang Sieber *1954

dedicated to Duo Merlin

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Werner Zuber, Augsburg

Christine Adler, Recital, Starnberger See

Stephan Holstein, clarinet, bass clarinet and saxophone, Munich



Songs and sacred texts of St. Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)

Seven musical meditations:


O vornehmstes Grün

(O most noble green)

Improvisation – Responsories of the Festival of the Virgin Saints


Ich, die Liebe … höchste feurige Kraft …

(I, love...greatest and most fiery power...)

Improvisation – Text & Music


Die Liebe überflutet alles

(Love floods everything)

Improvisation – Antiphone on Divine love


Gott war und ist …

(God was and is...)

Improvisation – Text & Music


O Kraft der Ewigkeit

(O power of eternity)

Improvisation – Responsories on the Holy Spirit

 Denn wie ich, die Weisheit, alles geordnet habe ...

(As I, wisdom, kept all well-ordered)

Improvisation – Text and Music

O Kraft der Weisheit

(O Power of Wisdom)

Improvisation – Antiphone on Divine Wisdom

Tuesday, 31 July 2021

Folk music concert for National Day

Simone Felber Trio (Simone Felber, voice, Adrian Würsch, Swiss hand organ, Pirmin Huber, double bass)

Yodel ensemble ad hoc

Alphorn Trio Heidis Hütte (Simon Estermann, Fabian Bloch, Gabriel Sieber)

Stefan Fischer, Flag thrower

Wolfgang Sieber, Organ


Yodel songs and instrumental pieces


Swiss National Anthem by Alberich Zwyssig 1808-1854 and Leonhard Widmer 1808-1868

A detailed programme including texts is available at the concert.

The lovers of folk music are requested not to applaud between the individual performances.

If the current pandemic rules allow it at the time of the concert all visitors are invited to an aperitif and snacks after the concert in front of the church where there is also a possibility of meeting the musicians. Our thanks to Igor Simic und his crew from Rebstock | Hofgarten for offering the aperitif and snacks:

«Zom Wohl sy!»


Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Thomas Haubrich, Amriswil

Guest: Karl Svec, Trumpet


Trumpet Tune in A major David N. Johnson 1922-1987


Erbarm dich mein, O Herre Gott Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750

BWV 721


Praeludium and Fuge in A minor Dieterich Buxtehude 1637-1707


Nimrod (from the Enigma Variations) Edward Elgar 1857-1934


Jerusalem (And did those feet in ancient times) Charles Hubert Parry 1848-1918


Méditation op. Posthum Maurice Duruflé 1902-1986


Fanfares for Lucerne Thomas Haubrich *1972


St. Louis Blues Glen Miller 1904-1944


Moonlight Serenade

Karl Svec, Trumpet


Free Improvisation on given Themes Thomas Haubrich *1972

in the form of an Organ Symphony



Adagio misterioso


(for Sylvia und Wolfgang)

Saturday, 7 August

Final concert, Masterclass


Dina Sommerhalder, Stäfa ZH
Simon Sigrist, Tübingen D
Thomas Haubrich, Amriswil TG
Dieter Utz, Meggen LU
Andreas Konrad, Klettgau-Erzingen D

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Christian Scheifele, Thalwil



(Construction - Abstraction)

Passacaglia et Thema fugatum BWV 582 Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750

Répons pour le Temps de Pâques

Jeanne Demessieux 1921-1968

Introduktion, Variationen und Fuge

Max Reger 1873-1916

on an original theme in F-sharp minor op. 73

Saturday, 14 August 2021

VII Orgelspaziergang

"organ walk"


A musical discovery tour through Lucerne's organ landscape, accompanied by Li Hangartner, Toni Bernet-Strahm and David Erzberger.

from Baroque to folklore, solo or with voice, flute und accordion.

Eight Lucerne Organists play to the theme «Marian ...»

LOCATIONS — Lukaskirche, Jesuitenkirche, Matthäuskirche, Hofkirche

ORGAN — Georg Commerell, Freddie James, Mutsumi Ueno, Markus Weber,Suzanne Z’Graggen, Stephen Smith, Eberhard Rex and Wolfgang Sieber

FLUTE — Iris Morach

SOPRANO — Gabriela Bürgler

The tour will take place in three groups

START — 16.00 | 17.00 | 18.00 in the Lukaskirche

Meeting point for each group 15 minutes before the concert begins in front of the Lukaskirche

Reservations under

free entrance, collection

The pandemic regulations according to BAG at the time of the event apply

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Michael Pelzel, Stäfa


From Esquisses Byzantines (1908) Henri Mulet 1878-1967



Tu es petra et portæ inferi non prævalebunt adversus te



"....étude-bagatelle IV - la tempête..."Michael Pelzel *1978

for Organ with Assistence



Summertime George Gershwin 1898-1937

Hommage to Wayne Marshall

arr. Michael Pelzel



Sinfonie in F-sharp minor op. 143 (1930) Sigfrid Karg-Elert 1877-1933

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Gunnar Idenstam, Sweden


Prelude and Fugue in C minor BWV 546 Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750

Folk music from Scandinavia

Polska aus Småland (Schweden) in G

Gangar nach Jens Myrå (Norwegen)

arr. Gunnar Idenstam


from the scenic Cantata Carmina Burana (1935/36) Carl Orff 1895-1982

Cour d'Amors: Dulcissime

Cour d'Amors: In trutina

Blanzeflor et Helena

Fortuna imperatrix mundi

arr. Gunnar Idenstam


Metal Angel / Suite Gunnar Idenstam *1961

Waiting for

Angel ́s Theme

Saga I


Black Angel

Golden Angel

Saga III Epilog

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Guy Bovet, Neuchâtel


Works by Robert Schumann 1810-1856

from 6 Fugen on the name B A C H op. 60

Nr. 1 Langsam, nach und nach schneller und stärker in B major

Nr. 2 Lebhaft in B major


Skizzen für den Pedalflügel op. 58 (1845)

No. 1 Nicht schnell und sehr markiert in C minor

No. 2 Nicht schnell und sehr markiert in C major

No. 3 Lebhaft in F minor

No. 4 Allegretto in D-flat major


from 6 Fugen über den Namen B A C H op. 60

No. 3 Mit sanften Stimmen in G minor

No. 4 Mässig, doch nicht zu langsam in B minor


Studien für den Pedalflügel - Sechs Stücke in kanonischer Form op. 56 (1845)

Nr. 1 Nicht zu schnell in C major

Nr. 2 Mit innigem Ausdruck in A minor

Nr. 3 Andantino - Etwas schneller in E major

Nr. 4 Innig in A-flat major

Nr. 5 Nicht zu schnell in B minor

Nr. 6 Adagio in B major


from: 6 Fugen über den Namen B A C H op. 60

Nr. 5 Lebhaft in F major

Nr. 6 Mässig, nach und nach schneller in B-flat major 

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Naji Hakim and Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet, Paris


Allegro Vivace (Symphonie no 5, I) Charles-Marie Widor 1685-1750

Naji Hakim, Organ


from the Luzerner Orgelbuch

(on the occasion of "Baroque May" 2001)

Petite Suite Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet *1956





Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet, Organ


Improvisation Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet


Prélude et Fugue en si mineur BWV 544 Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750

Naji Hakim, Organ


Sindbad Naji Hakim *1955

Korean Prelude

Rhapsody for two organs


Improvisation Naji Hakim

Saturday, 11 Sept. 2021

Farewell concert I

with Wolfgang Sieber & Friends


Zirkusschule Tortellini

Andrea Bischoff

Lukas Christinat

Heinz Della Torre

Willi's Wyberkapelle

BML Talents

Gabriel Sieber

Frauen-Vokalensemble TouChant

Arlette Wismer

Sämi Studer, Moderation

Tuesday, 14 Sept. 2021

Organ Summer Final concert with the Brass Academy HSLU Music und Wolfgang Sieber, Orgel


Pupils as well as prospective students of all brass instruments between the ages 10 to 23 from the whole of central Switzerland play together – a collaboration with BML Talents, the Music School of Lucerne, HSLU Music and Wolfgang Sieber, organ.

The programme will be finalised later and communicated on the evening of the concert.

Friday, 24 Sept. 2021

Farewell concert II

with Wolfgang Sieber & Friends


Eberhard Rex with the Luzerner Kantorei

Praxedis Hug-Rütti

Äschlismatter Jodlerterzett

Regula Schneider


Immanuel Richter

Gerhard Pawlica

Stephen Smith mit Matthäuskantorei

Sämi Studer, Moderation

Saturday, 25 Sept. 2021

Schola Romana Lucernensis

Gregorian Chant of Niklaus von Flüe

with John Voirol & Wolfgang Sieber and Werner Bucher

50 years Schola Romana Lucernensis