Musical trouvailles from the organ world of the Hofkirche

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OrgelPLUS #2: "PluP"

by Wolfgang Sieber 2012/2020

with Gabriel Sieber, Horn and Wolfgang Sieber, Organ

PluP 2012/2020 is a work based on melodies from the region of Persia. One of these themes is called Misirlou Μισιρλού (from the Greek: "Ägyptisches Mädchen") and is dedicated to my two sons Joseph and Gabriel, the Duo Paliitschi.

OrgelPLUS #1: Krone "Jugend"

Final concert of the Organ Summer, Hofkirche Lucerne, 15 September 2020

Luzerner Kantorei Eberhard Rex, Direction

Brassband BML Talents , Patrick Ottiger, Direction, Céline Hunkeler, Manager

Alphorntrio Heidis Hütte Simon Estermann, Gabriel Sieber, Fabian Bloch & Special Guest Céline Hunkeler

Wolfgang Sieber, Orgel