The Masterclasses

Since 2017 the Hof organist Wolfgang Sieber directs the international masterclasses in liturgical improvisation.

6th International Organ Masterclass 2022 in Disentis Monastery

10.-14. August 2022

Registration ends June 30, 2022

 5th Masterclass

4 to 8 August 2021

Concert, 7 August 2021 with this Program

Dina Sommerhalder, Stäfa ZH
Simon Sigrist, Tübingen D
Thomas Haubrich, Amriswil TG
Dieter Utz, Meggen LU
Andreas Konrad, Klettgau-Erzingen D

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4th Masterclass 2020

Final concert of the 4th Masterclass

Saturday  8 August 2020, 20:00

supported by the "Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft der Stadt Luzern"

The participants of the masterclass presented various

compositions und improvisations at the great Hof organ.

Musicians (from left to right).: Thomas Haubrich, Giuglio Bonetti, Dieter Utz, Ilan Bui, Wolfgang Sieber, Simon Sigrist, Noah Ambord

Video recordings follow

Teilnehmer Meisterkurs 2020

3rd Masterclass 2019

Paticipating organists, from left to right

Dieter Utz

Thomas Haubrich

Dina Sommerhalder

Noah Ambord

Jovana Vakic

Christina Wallau (not in the picture)

Course leader Wolfgang Sieber

Teilnehmer Meisterkurs 2019
 Videos by Jürg Rufer

Recorded in the Hofkirche Lucerne

Camera: Jürg Rufer     Sound: Wolfgang Sieber und Benedikt Röösli     Post-production: Jürg Rufer

© 2019, Wolfgang Sieber & participants

Thomas Haubrich


(Improvisation) inspired by the Rigi song „Vo Lozärn gäge Wäggis zue“.

Jovana Vakić

Alléluias sereins d'un âme qui désire le ciel

from L'Ascension (1933) von Olivier Messiaen (1908 – 1992)

Dieter Utz

Fuge in C

from the Organ Sonata in C minor op. 65

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809 – 1847)                           

Dieter Utz

Vater unser im Himmelreich                              

Georg Böhm (1661 – 1733)

2nd Masterclass 2018

from left to right: Ansel Gross (Paris, F)  – Nico Tjoelker (Sydney, AUS) Dina Sommerhalder (CH) – Giancarlo Colleoni (Bergamo, I) – Thomas Haubrich (CH).

Photos: Hugo Wyrsch

Teilnehmer Meisterkurs 2018
Audio recordings

Recordings: Wolfgang Sieber   –   mixing: Benedikt Röösli /

  Click on the picture to download the mp3 file

Thomas Haubrich

Improvisation on „Vo Lozärn“

by Thomas Haubrich

Ansel Gross

Je rends grâce à Dieu

from Le Tombeau d'Olivier Messiaen by Naji Hakim

Dina Sommerhalder                    

Præludium in C

by Georg Boehm

Nico Tjoelker


from Trio Sonata in E minor BWV 528                            

by Johann Sebastian Bach

1st Masterclass 2017

from left to right: Dieter Utz, Thomas Haubrich, Dina Sommerhalder

with the two committee members of the organisation "Meisterkurse Orgellandschaft Hofkirche Luzern", Andrea Bischoff und Hugo Wyrsch.

Teilnehmer Meisterkurs 2017