Concerts in the Hofkirche

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Organ Concerts in Switzerland

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Missa Mai

as music film here in streaming

Unfortunately, due to the Corona regulations a succesful performance in the Hofkirche, as well as the CD inauguration on 12th June could not take place. For this reason Eberhard Rex and Wolfgang Sieber created this video together with the children, teenagers, theologians, instrumentalists and soloists involved in the project.

Concerts in the press

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"A listening experience to give you goose bumps"

Urs Mattenberger in the Luzerner Zeitung of 25.03.2015 on "Liturgia"

Lucerne, "a musical town in exceptional circumstances"

This is how Urs Mattenberger describes Lucerne in der Luzerner Zeitung of 25.09. 2017

For the Download click on the picture by Philipp Schmidli/LZ.

and here the recording of the event 

Aufnahme: Wolfgang Sieber

Mixing: Benedikt Röösli

Lilu - Festival of Light

Article by Janick Wetterwald, Luzerner Zeitung, 21.1.2019

Picture: Keystone/Urs Flüeler (9 January 2019)